23 April 2008

My life in pictures

Last weekend, while we were at our cabin to attend my husband's grandmother's funeral, we got the cabin opened up -- heat and electricity turned on and the water heater filled. Before we closed the place up last fall, we got a big bunk bed set up for the kids. Despite my considering it pure folly, my husband thought that my daughter was old enough to leave her crib behind and take on the big girl bed, while my son was big enough to handle the top bunk. I knew better but indulged him.

Here's what I woke to in the morning...

Today I met some other homeschool moms at an Eagan park and we let our kids run wild. The place was full of pea gravel and I didn't know this was a problem until we got home and I took my daughter's shoe off...just one...part way.

Funny thing is my daughter didn't even complain or act like she had a shoe FULL of rocks.


Vincenzo said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

Ray from MN said...

Such a lovely picture. I'm in tears.

And it's not because of the rocks.