07 April 2008


I guess I can watch Dancing with the Stars tonight, because my brackets are toast. I went with some bold picks this year and learned my lesson. According to my basketball wisdom, tonight's game would be between UNC and Texas with UNC winning by a score of 68-57. Too bad the teams playing tonight are Kansas and Memphis.

On a positive note, at least I'm not working and getting buried in trash talk. The shame would be unbearable!

Round 1 23/32 (72%) 46 out of 64 pts.
Round 2 11/16 (69%) 44 out of 64 pts.
Round 3 5/8 (62%) 40 out of 64 pts.
Round 4 2/4 (50%) 32 out of 64 pts.
Round 5 0/2 (0%) 0 out of 64 pts.
Round 6 0/0 (0%) 0 out of 0 pts.

Overall 41/62 (66%) 162 out of 320 pts.

Next year I WILL NOT PICK GONZAGA. Repeat, I WILL NOT PICK GONZAGA. One more time, I WILL NOT PICK GONZAGA. I should just swear off Jesuit schools altogether.


Lisa said...

Hey, hey- easy now on those Jesuit schools! Next year, go with Marquette-might be a safer bet.
I finished up pretty well-I picked Kansas to win it all. I finished in 24th place out of 185 people...not bad!

swissmiss said...

I should've had you help me with my picks this year! I did great last year and that only served to embolden me in my (poor) choices this year. I did get Marquette right in my picks, but was killed by Gonzaga...and even Georgetown I believe.

Was your pool winner take all? Next year we should have a blogger March Madness pool.

Lisa said...

First place got $920, second $550, third $360. Winning, even placing would've been great this year because so many participated. (Although the odds of winning go way down.) I did win it all one year and got $600! Luck of the Irish...:)
Yes, I'm in for a blogger and blog reader pool next year!