10 April 2008

Kneeler Jeopardy redeux

Category: The Ancient World

This "great" has a statue erected in his honor in a recent Olympic host city and influenced more modern leaders such as Thomas Jefferson. He has been mentioned in two significant religious works, by name in one work and a figure in the other work is believed to be him.

Clue 1: The "significant religious works" are the Bible and the Qur'an.
Clue 2: Sydney is the Olympic city

Again, St. Alexander says to place your answer in the form of a question in the com box, and continue to pray some Hail Marys until the answer is revealed.

NB: Contestants are responsible for any taxes from winning the Grand Prize -- having the satisfaction that they are a brainiac or at least they know how to use the internet sufficiently well to find the answer.

(Thanks Vincenzo, for the great graphic! Please let this stump you for at least a minute or two!!)


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I think I have it! Who is Cyrus the Great?

swissmiss said...

You, sir, are correct!! Yipee!!

I thought the Polycarp one was hard and V got it right away. Didn't think this one was so hard, but then no one was even guessing!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Polycarp was easy becuase he was a saint and a patristic Father. Cyrus was hard because he wasn't a saint, most people aren't familiar with the OT or the Qu'ran, and msot haven't been to Sydney. I worked backwards by looking for stautes in Sydney, then looking for "Great"s, the cross referencing the Greats with the Qu'ran. Took me about 30 minutes total (between my other projects). Tell St. Alex I want my "Rice-a-Roni" sent to thos e"poor starving kids in China"

Terry Nelson said...

Craap! I was going to say Charlton Heston.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I come here an learn at the feet of the kneeler!

swissmiss said...

You might want to hang on to the Rice a Roni...with the price of food going up it might be worth a lot.

As you said on your blog, CH isn't Moses!! He wasn't THAT old!

I just picked Cyrus because I find him an interesting character. Then found some facts online that I could use in a question. I didn't know anything mentioned in the question beyond knowing Cyrus was mentioned/prophecized in the bible.

I wouldn't have gotten the Polycarp one either, might've guessed it, but didn't know it. These guys are too smart for their own good (V and AA). Terry might've gotten the Polycarp one with the icon.