03 April 2008

Tickling the dragon's tail

First, someone took the DVD burner that belonged to the Called by Faith (my bible study) group at St. Augustine's. Reportedly, it wasn't just laying around anywhere feeling lonely -- it was hidden in the sacristy UNDER Father Echert's vestments.

Now, CBF's large screen flat panel TV that was locked in a room in the basement just went AWOL.

Our CBF bible study group prays each week for intentions. We added the folks who "borrowed" the equipment to our prayer list. Is it wrong to pray that God will smack them upside the head?

I think I would fear Father Echert more than God in this case.


Los Alamos 1940s - Nuclear testing

The test assembly for "tickling the dragon's tail", an experimental determination of the critical mass of the uranium bomb. A small uranium hydride slug was dropped through this almost critical assembly of slugs. For a fraction of a second, the assembly "went critical".

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