05 April 2008

Show and tell

Here is one of my Kindergarten curriculum purchases.

It's called the Art Memo game. I wanted to find something to do with art and had planned to get the book with the tear out art cards called Mommy, It's a Renoir, which I think is now called Childhood Masterpieces, but decided against it because this art game pretty much covers the same ground but there are more pieces for less money than purchasing several of the books (got it 20% off with free shipping from Adoremus). Plus, I liked the art selections in the game better than the Childhood Masterpieces (CM). I believe both the game and CM are recommended by Laura Berquist and used in the Mother of Divine Grace homeschool curriculum...the game not being used until quite a bit later. My one criticism is that the information that comes with the set that lists the name of the work and the artist is limited to just that...not even the dates that the artist lived or mention of the style. Easy enough to find out, just would be nice to have on the info sheet.

My son loves his Disney Memory game, which is basically commercialized Concentration. But, when I got the Art Memo game, he turned his nose up at it because it didn't have any Disney characters...until I took an interest in the game and then it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Maybe his Disney game will get stashed high up on a shelf and forgotten ;}

The Art Memo game is recommended for older children, but exposing my son to art is what I was looking for at this stage. We (yes, mom needs to learn some of the pieces, styles and artists too!) can learn the names of the works as we go along. I really like art and am looking forward to learning more along side my son.

How cool is that?!!

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