11 April 2008

Things that make you go boom

What is it with the military lately? My brother, who is in the Army, is on his way to Iraq; Father Echert, Air Force, just got called up and is on his way to Germany; and, now my husband has to do a project for the Navy.

Not just any ol' project. He's supposed to design a robot that assembles the bombs on the aircraft carriers for the F/A-18s (believe that's the plane).

He's completely jazzed about it, being the geeky engineer that he is. I was eager to hear one thing...how are they going to test his robot to make sure it works? They're dealing with bombs, after all!

I guess I shouldn't worry about my husband since he just designs the robot to assemble things. From what he tells me, there is a guy who then takes the assembled bombs, places them all on a big cart, wheels them over to the planes, and loads them.

And here I thought THAT's what the Navy wanted a robot for...not just the assembly, but the handling of the ordinance from the time it's built until the time it gets loaded on the plane. I'm way too practical for the military...they'd throw me over.

Or give me bomb duty.

My father served on an aircraft carrier in WWII and his ship was sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf from a bomb dropped by a Kamakazi. War is hell. God bless our troops.


Terry Nelson said...

"What is it with the military lately?"

I think it may have something to do with a pre-emptive strike on Iran and the continuation of the Irag war.

sexy said...
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