22 April 2008

Deployment update

My brother has been activated for 400 days for his second deployment and is heading out to Germany in mid-May. Then it's on to Kuwait in mid-June for awhile before going to Iraq. From what I understand, he will not be in Baghdad and his job will not require him to be out and about much. However, I will not be visiting them this May as planned as it is just too hectic.

Now with Father Echert on his way to Germany, I wonder if there isn't something going on behind the scenes here ;} Although the chances they will run into each other are very remote, it would be cool if their paths crossed and Father was able to talk some sense into my brother. Please keep my brother, his family, Father Echert, and all our soldiers, in your prayers.

For a nice article on Father Echert that was on the front page of the St. Paul paper (with ten great pics), check out:

* Home and abroad, a uniformed ministry. Preparing for his fourth deployment as a military chaplain, the Rev. John Paul Echert III combines two lifelong passions.

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