26 April 2008

Weekend Kneeler Jeopardy

Category: Potpourri

Who is the French Jewish scholar who maintained a life-long interest in and devotion to the Catholic Church, although she never converted?

St. Alex says, you know what to do, place your answer in the form of a question in the combox and say a Hail Mary until the solution is revealed.


Anna B. said...

Simone Weil who occasionally used the anagrammatic pen name Emile Novis, was a French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist.

swissmiss said...

We have a winner! And, without any hints either! Way to go!

Anna B. said...

And I would like to give Thanks to the following blogs and for their inspiration and awesome post, pls dont ever stop teaching :)

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Adore Te Devote
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swissmiss said...

Thanks, Anna, for including me among some of my own favorite blogs!

Ray from MN said...
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Ray from MN said...

I hate to be a chauvinist, but being that my blog is supposed to provide news about area happenings and blogs, I am particularly proud after seeing Anna's list of great blogs.

Five or six (or eight, if you count all of Terry's blogs) on her list of 11 faves, are based around here.

And if by "Sancte Peter" she meant to type "Sancte Pater", we'll claim Vincenzo, too!

And I could introduce her to another 11 bloggers who are really worth reading regularly.

Whenever I feel guilty about spending so much time reading blogs, or lose touch with my spiritual self, I remind myself that these people really have something to say.